31 January – 2 February, 2024
East Halls, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo Japan

HOMESpecial Symposium

Special Symposium

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Nanoparticle process to improve the performance of automotive lithium-ion batteries
Feb. 1, 2023 (Wed.) 9:30-11:20

Microstructure control of particles and powders and their applications for batteries

Osaka University
Joining and Welding Research Institute
Prof. Makio Naito

Propose to Lithium-ion battery manufacturing process applying Ashizawa Finetech's grinding and dispersion technology.

Ashizawa Finetech Ltd.
Sales Promotion General Manager
General Manager
Mr. Akira Nagai

Dispersant for cathode of Lithium ion battery

KAO Corporation
R&D Performance Chemicals Research
Atsushi Hiraishi

Grinding and dispersion to improve performance of lithium-ion battery materials

Managing Director
Mr. Akihiro Igarashi

Nanoscale coating for positive-electrode active material of solid-state lithium batteries

Research & Development
Assistant Manager
Mr. Makoto Yoshimori

Unraveling Nanoparticle Dispersion Systems with "Process Science" toward Rational Design of Process and Products
Feb. 1, 2023 (Wed.) 11:45-13:30

Building a base of process science for materials.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Program Officer (PO)
Japan Science and Technology Agency
Mr. Toshiki Nagano

Challenges in establishment of process science for nanomaterials

Tohoku University
Prof. Tadafumi Ajiri

Can nanoparticle dispersion systems be modeled and designed as quasi-molecular systems?

Tohoku University
Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials
Takaaki Tomai

Structure Making for Social Implementation of Nano Technology Process Science by Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration

Tohoku University
New Industry Creation Hatchery Center
Project & Visiting Professor
Dr. Hideki Hoshiro

Road to Realization of Oxide-Based All-Solid-State Batteries
Feb. 1, 2023 (Wed.) 15:00-17:00

Challenges to process science for realizing oxide-type solid-state batteries

National Institute for Materials Science
Center for Green Research on Energy and Environmental Materials (GREEN)
Dr. Kazunori Takada

Challenge to low-temperature sintering for oxide-based solid batteries

National Institute for Materials Science
Center for Green Research on Energy and Environmental Materials
Senior Researcher
Dr. Shogo Miyoshi

Approach for predicting reaction phase at co-sintering interface in oxide-based all-solid batteries.

National Institute for Materials Science
Research Center for Structural Materials
Senior Researcher
Dr. Machiko Ode

Material and process development for realization of multi layer all-solid-state battery with oxide solid state electrolyte

Materials Research & Development Department 1 Reserch and Developmnet Laboratry
Dr. Chie Kawamura

Development of LLZ oxide solid electrolyte and solid-state battery

R&D Engineering Group
Senior Specialist
Dr. Hideaki Hikosaka

Data-driven nanotechnology - from materials to devices and systems 
Feb. 2, 2023 (Thu.) 9:30-11:30

A new frontier of materials development based on multicrystalline informatics

Nagoya University
Graduate School of Engineering
Prof. Noritaka Usami

Automatic Design/Synthesis of Analog Integrated Circuits using Machine Learning

Kyoto Institute of Technology
Prof. Nobukazu Takai

Energy efficient information processing by physical reservoir computing

IBM Research - Tokyo
Research Staff Member
Dr. Toshiyuki Yamane

Feb. 2, 2023 (Thu.) 12:15-13:45


Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Mr. Mikiya Fujii


Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Mr. Syuichi Tsuchida


Shinshu University
Mr. Katsuya Teshima

The Forefront of Technologies Supporting Circular Economy 
Feb. 2, 2023 (Thu.) 15:00-17:00

Major Trends for Transition toward the Circular Economy

Japan Productivity Center
Consulting Department
Chief of Eco-Management Center
Sophia University Graduate School
Global Environmental Studies
Part-time Lecturer
Mr. Kazunori Kitagawa

Challenge of Kao to Circulation Economy for plastic

Kao Corporation
R&D Packaging Technology Research
Group Leader
Mr. Shuhei Matsumoto

Transition to circular economy at BASF

BASF Japan Ltd.
Country Development, Sustainability
Senior Manager
Mr. Takeshi Irie

The Importance of Developing Separation Technologies to Simultaneously Achieve Carbon Net Zero and Resource Circulation -The Case of Lithium Ion Batteries and Photovoltaic Panels

Waseda University
Faculty of Science and Engineering
The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Engineering
Prof. Chiharu Tokoro

Frontiers of Nanostructural Analysis for Drug Discovery 
Feb. 3, 2023 (Fri.) 9:30-11:00

Status of cryo-electron microscopy in the AMED BINDS project and introduction of novel sample preparation method.

Osaka University
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
ProfessorProf. Tsuyuoshi Inoue

DNA nanotechnology using 3D structural information and its application to drug discovery

Sophia University
Department of Materials and Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology
Associate Professor
Dr. Jiro Kondo

Biochemical and structural analyses pathological protein aggregates in neurodegenerative diseases.

Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
Head, Department of Brain & Neurosciences
Project Leader of Dementia Reseach
Prof. Masato Hasegawa

Nanotechnology Accelerating Quantum Future Society
Feb. 3, 2023 (Fri.) 11:45-13:45


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Office of Quantum Research Promotion, Basic and Fundamental Research Division, Research Promotion Bureau
Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation
Director General
Dr. Kenkichi Sakoda

Superconducting quantum computers

Center for Quantum Computing
Unit Leader
Dr. Yutaka Tabuchi

Current Status and Prospects of Quantum Computers

Osaka University
Graduate School of Engineering Science
Osaka University
Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology
Vice Director
Prof. Keisuke Fujii

Quantum Sensing based on Spin Defects in Solids

National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology
Quantum Materials and Applications Research Center
Dr. Takeshi Ohshima

Hypersensitive MRI with quantum technology

Osaka University
Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology
Associate Professor
National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology
Institute for Quantum Life Sciences
Dr. Makoto Negoro

Revolution in Production Technology for commercilaization
- High-Speed Implementation through Integration of MI and PI
Feb. 3, 2023 (Fri.) 15:30-17:00

Challenge to materials innovation : MI×PI×DX @KYOCERA

KYOCERA Corporation
Mr. Shoichi Nakagawa

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