1-3 February, 2023
East Halls & Conference Tower, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

HOMEnano tech Awards 2019


Award winners are companies, associations, research institutes and universities, which highly contribute to the industry development. The aim of the awards is to encourage the advancement of nanotechnologies.
Board of review: nano tech executive committee

Grand Award

RICOH(booth No.:5F-01 ) 

Ricoh has developed a technology to produce lithium ion secondary batteries to any desired shapes in the role-to-role process by using the ink jet technology. This development has greatly advanced digital printing production of batteries.

Life Nanotechnology Award

NIPPON CHEMI-CON(booth No.:4D-27) 

Nippon Chemi-Con has exhibited “Odor Sensor”, which detects odor with CMOS image sensor and “Diaper Sensor system”, battery-free diaper smell sensor using urine as electrolyte. They were developed as highly practical devices closely tied with everyday lives.

Green Nanotechnology Award

Toray(booth No.:4J-27 ) 

Toray has exhibited advanced materials, such as flexible tough polymers, Primeflex using NANODESIGN technologies and transparent aramid films. The company pursues its technology development strategy focusing on the material development for contributing to the achievement of universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Start Up Award (Domestic)

Advanced Softmaterials(booth No.:5A-02-10) 

Advanced Softmaterials has exhibited “SeRM Super Polymer”, which is usable in a variety of industrial applications by chemical modification of ring polymers. They are achieving tangible results as application as a material for golf balls.

Start Up Award (Overseas)

Spectra Plasmonics(Canada)(booth No.:6N-04) 

Spectra Plasmonics has exhibited the disposable surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates. With its sensitive ppb-level detection and analysis of chemical substance, the substrates are applicable to multiple fields including forensics and food safety.

Academic-industrial Alliance Award


Yushiro Chemical has developed self-healing polymer gel that regenerates by automatically repairing damage based on the technology SEEDS of School of Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University. This “Tough Material” with high toughness, stretchability and desiccation tolerance was developed in academic-industrial alliance.

Research Project Award

[NEDO Project(MediGear International)]
A Drug-Free & Minimally Invasive Canter Therapy with Nano-Device(booth No.:4B-18)

MediGear International has developed nanodevice comprising biocompatible materials acting only cancer tissues. The nanodevice, which acts on and kills only cancer tissues by cutting off the supply of oxygen and nutrients, is highly expected as a new low-invasive and less-risky-for patient therapy.

Business Matching Award

CSIC(Spain)(booth No.:5T-04)

CSIC obtained a largest number of business meeting appointments with various exhibitors and visitors by using a business matching system, and strenuously committed to the open innovation.

Special Award

Holland High Tech Pavilion / Holst Centre(booth No.:5V-16) 

Holst Centre has contributed to the development of healthcare and biomedical sensing, through the development of the biological signal monitoring technologies such as thin-film ultrasonic modules and pressure sensing systems applying printable electronics.


Mitsubishi Pencil(booth No.:5E-01) 

Mitsubishi Pencil has developed leading-edge nano materials, such as carbon porous materials and carbon sensor materials, by applying its long-term core technology to produce pencil and mechanical pencil lead to nanotechnology.

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