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February 15, 2018

The Dutch Nanotechnology sector is represented by Holst Centre, TNO, DENSsolutions, DelftIMP, VS Particle, Lipocoat, Surfix, SmartTIP, SCIL Nanoimprint solutions (Philips), Dannalab, Single Quantum, DoMicro and Mesa+. The Holland Pavilion is supported by NanoNextNL, MinacNed, Holland High Tech and the Holland Innovation Network of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo

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Feb. 14 (Wed.) 15:05-15:50 at Seeds&Needs Seminar B (East Hall 6)

Mr. Oostenbrink Raoul A.

Managing Director A.I., University of Twente, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology

Holland High Tech Pavilion


IP-suitable novelty based on structural information

DANNALAB B.V. is an independent contract research company that specializes in studies of nanomaterials and pharmaceuticals. Our core expertise relates to XRPD & SAXS GMP methods. We offer assistance in finding NOVELTY - unique patentable structural properties of nanomaterials. Novelty based on the structural properties may create the basis for IP protection or support freedom to operate.


Wildfire - In situ TEM heating and biasing system

Wildfire - In situ TEM heating system

DENSsolutions enables TEM researchers to study in situ and capture the real time response of their samples under the influence of environmental stimuli: heat, bias, gas and liquid. Using the latest in MEMS technology, DENSsolutions has established

themselves as the global leader for in situ TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy).


DoMicro BV is a high tech company creating value by additive technologies in electronic manufacturing. DoMicro focuses on flexible hybrid and printed electronics providing innovative manufacturing technology and application solutions. By inkjet printing technology, new capabilities arise in flexible hybrid electronics. Visit our website: www.domicro.nl


LipoCoat offers a proprietary bio-inspired coating -5 nanometers thick- with full control of wetting, lubricity and fouling. LipoCoat aims to improve performance, comfort & safety of medical devices powered by our novel coatings. We strive to become the bench-standard for anti-fouling, anti-thrombogenic, lubricious and multifunctional coatings.


MESA+ is one of the worlds leading nanotechnology research institutes. Over five hundred researchers focus on key enabling technologies, nanotechnology, photonics, micro and nano electronics, biomolecular and polymer science, advanced materials, lab on chip, microfluidics and exciting new cross overs.


The Dutch national research and technology programme for micro and nano technology being executed by MESA+, the Nanotechnology research institute of University of Twente. The Programme consists of 10 themes and the Valorisation Programme. There are three different types of themes: general themes, application themes and risk analysis and technology assessment.

Philips (SCIL)

AutoSCIL - nanoimprint lithography production tool

Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography (SCIL) offers a fast and efficient nanoimprint solution for sub-micron- and nano-patterns on a variety of substrates. Calling on detailed know-how of imprint technology and material interactions our solutions enable manufacturers of LEDs, lasers, optical components, solar cells, bio-sensors and many others to increase performance and lower end-product costs.

Single Quantum

Supercondcting Single Photon Detector – Eos

Based in Delft, the Netherlands, Single Quantum is market leader in the emerging field of superconducting single photon detectors. Single Quantum designs and builds complete single-photon detection systems based on superconducting nanowires. Single Quantum photon detection systems have already been installed iall around the globe.


Surfix's nanocoatings enhance the performance of micro- and nanodevices in various areas of application, e.g. microfluidics or biosensing. They enable treatment of a wide range of materials to control essential surface properties such as wettability, protein adsorption, and biorecognition.

- proprietary nanocoating technology
- patterned or uniform nanocoatings
- custom nanocoating development


The AMSYSTEMS Center is a joint innovation center to develop next generation Additive Manufacturing equipment for smart, personalized and multi-functional products. The center is founded by Dutch research organization TNO and High Tech Systems Center of Eindhoven University of Technology. AMSYSTEMS has a 20 year+ track record in AM process, equipment and materials innovation and rapid prototyping.

3D Printed Electronics 

3D Pharma and Medical


VSP-G1 Nanoparticle Generator

VSPARTICLE helps scientists and industrial parties to disrupt high-impact markets with on location, and on demand production of inorganic nanoparticles. Nanoparticles have unique physical and chemical properties that open up possibilities for better sensors in healthcare, highly efficient catalysts and low-cost (flexible) microelectronics.



Delft IMP

Holst Centre

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