Feb 14-16, 2018  10:00-17:00  Tokyo Big Sight, East Halls 4-6 & Conference Tower

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Award winners are companies, associations, research institutes and universities, which highly contribute to the industry development. The aim of the awards is to encourage the advancement of nanotechnologies.
Board of review: nano tech executive committee

Grand Award

NEC(booth No.:4J-18) 

By merging their specialty technologies including ICT, AI, and material development, NEC developed a sensor system with the IoT era in mind, low power consumption LSI using metallic nano materials and power generation devices. NEC’s advanced technology development capabilities are worthy of its title as a general electrical manufacturer.

Life Nanotechnology Award

Carl Zeiss Microscopy(booth No.:6G-01) 

Carl Zeiss Microscopy developed FIB-SEM capable of high-throughput three-dimensional microstructure analysis and sample formation. The resolution was improved by 30% as compared with conventional devices at a low acceleration voltage. In addition to the achievement of resolution of 1.4 nm, sample cutting efficiency was also improved dramatically. This is an epoch-making advancement of the devices that may yield significant progress in analysis and measurements in the field of life science.

Green Nanotechnology Award

Sugino Machine(booth No.:6J-11) 

Sugino Machine developed powder by merging its unique developments, cellulose nano-fiber extraction technology and hydrophobization technology. The powder is homogenously distributed in a range of base materials and improves the strength of the material significantly. The powder is applicable to thermoplastic resins and rubbers, a combination which has been difficult so far, and contributes to machine manufactures in their business development.

Start Up Award

HSP Technologies(booth No.:5F-28-4) 

As an AIST (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) venture, HSP Technologies developed a high-shear molding processing technology capable of mixing different polymer materials homogenously. This technology may contribute to the development of highly conductive elastomers applicable to electrode materials with rubber-like elasticity.

Academic-industrial Alliance Award

Japan Science and Technology Agency(booth No.:6S-11) 

Academic-industrial alliance team comprising Murata, Osaka University, Chubu University, Kagawa University and Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, developed a highly sensitive sensor capable of detecting influenza virus by using a new carbon material, graphene. This palm-sized sensor detects the virus instantly to prevent an epidemic of influenza and is useful also in drug discovery research.

Research Project Award

Riken(booth No.:6N-04) 

“New Paradigm in Terra Photonics Technology - For Social Implementation” With the application of a new terahertz wave generation principle, which was accidentally discovered, Riken developed a compact device that can generate output as high as several kilowatts. This will help development of new applications of terahertz waves in the detection of toxic gas, which had been difficult to detect before. Riken considering its productization from Riken ventures.

Business Matching Award

MRS(booth No.:5N-19) 

MRS obtained a largest number of business meeting appointments with various exhibitors and visitors by using a business matching system, and strenuously committed to the open innovation.

ACS(American Chemical Society) Award

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology(booth No.:5S-07) 

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology applied nano substrate technologies, to a broad range of fields such as biotechnology, energy, and materials, including the formation of metal nanotube arrays on silicon substrates.


Toray(booth No.:4E-12) 

Toray pursued the development of new materials with the full use of nanotechnology and various devices using such developed materials. Toray ranks as one of the top companies in the field of nanotechnology (True Nano), and its exhibits serve as an example for companies both at home and abroad.