Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.29(Fri.)12:20-13:05 C

Qiu Lijing


Park Systems Japan

Introduction of Next-Generation AFM System Bringing an Innovative Technique
in Nano Scale

In our line-up, all models equipped with independent XY and Z scanner which eliminating the cross-talk and bowing error. As the result, the flatness is less than 1nm over the entire scan area. And by using the ultra low noise sensor for real topography and high-speed Z scanner, "high-performance closed loop scanner" is realized for most correctest measurement which enabled high quality of measurement data with high reproductivity. For the operation software, "SmartScan" is equipped as standard AFM-OS with user-friendly UI. Even inexperienced, untrained users could produce high quality nanoscale imaging free from complicated parameters or techniques. Besides, Park AFMs feature a comprehensive range of scanning modes so you can collect a wide array of data types accurately and efficiently.

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