Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)14:30-14:55 C

Toshihiko Kiwa

Associate Professor,
Department of Medical Bioengineering, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Okayama University

Imaging of chemical reactons using a terahertz chemical microscopy

A ‘terahertz chemical microscopy’ (TCM) has been develop in our group, which enable us to visualize chemical or electric potential change of materials occurred by various type of chemical reactions. The TCM is a real-time and in-situ method and its spatial resolution is less than several micrometers. For example, the TCM can evaluate the distribution of the redox reactions of the electrodes used in fuel cells and batteries. Generally, these redox reactions of electrodes are observed using fluorescence dyes. However, it is limited to the reaction which has the suitable fluorescence dyes. Kelvin probe is one of useful option to observe the reactions without any dyes. However, calibrations of signals are difficult when the probes are oxidized. Thus the surrounding atmospheres or conditions are limited or casually controlled. Our metrology overcome these problems of conventional methods and provides a novel tool for a real-time and in-situ non-destructive observations of chemical potential change in the materials.

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