Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)14:05-14:30 C

Jun Kano

Associate Professor,
Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Okayama University

Catalyst designed by ferroelectric compounds

We demonstrate new type of ferroelectric oxide-supported nano-metal catalyst, which has a function of temperature-tunable catalysis by controlling the Currie temperature Tc of ferroelectrics. Ferroelectric materials have been widely used as a multilayer ceramic condenser, piezoelectric actuator, and pyroelectric sensor. Ferroelectricity is characterized by the presence of spontaneous electric polarization in the ferroelectric phase. Since ferroelectric material undergoes phase transition at Tc, electric polarization can coherently fluctuate in the paraelectric phase. In the metal-ferroelectric junction, polarization fluctuation facilitates the instability of electric potential of nano-metal. We consider that dynamical electrical instability can assist electron transfer between nano-metal and outer gas, resulting the acceleration of chemical reaction.

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