Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)13:15-13:40 C

Yuta Nishina

Associate Professor, Research Core for Interdisciplinary Science

Okayama University

Preparation and application of wood-derived nanocarbons (WNCs).

We have developed an oxidation process of graphite to produce graphene oxide. Graphene oxide can be applicable for a variety of purposes, such as catalyst support materials, battery electrodes, and lubricant additives. In the course of the research, we could come up with a novel idea that wood-derived carbon can also be converted into graphene oxide like material. Although wood-derived carbon is less crystalline compared with natural graphite and tough to transform into perfect graphene oxide, we found that the oxidized wood-derived carbon can be a good lubricant additive. We believe that this research will bring forward an efficient use forest and forest thinnings as well as development of a new future industry.

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