Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.27(Wed.)13:15-14:00 C



Introduction of wide range of measurement examples of various particles
such as dilute slurry, dense slurry and surface characteristics.
Applications cover Biomedicine, DDS, Secondary Battery, Ink/Paint, Electronic Component, etc.

Since particles constitute the very base for manufacturing, it is important to completely control all the characteristics such as size, surface condition and shape.
Particle evaluation equipment must be capable of handling various samples (*1) appropriately in accordance with various applications.
We offer series of measurement methods as well as equipment with the latest cutting-edge technologies to measure particle size, slurry dispersibility regardless of density, size, image and specific surface area/pore size distribution.
We would like you to participate in our seminar!

(*1) Wet or dry, low(ppm) or high(tens of wt%) concentration, very small-volume sample(μℓ), etc.


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