Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.29(Fri.)14:10-14:55 B

Eric Bouchard

Vice President, Business Development

Tekna Plasma Systems

High productivity process for synthesis of Boron Nitride Nanotube (BNNT)
and Spherical metallic powders for additive manufacturing

Boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) exhibit a range of properties that are as compelling as those of carbon nanotubes (CNTs); however, very low production volumes have prevented the science and technology of BNNTs from evolving at even a fraction of the pace of CNTs. Here we report the high-yield production technology of small diameter BNNTs using Tekna’s proprietary induction thermal plasma process.
The performances of metal powder-based additive manufacturing (AM) technologies greatly depend on powder characteristics such as flowability, packing density and purity. Tekna’s inductively coupled plasma (ICP) proprietary technology has the capability to produce and recycle powders by transforming particles of various shape into perfect spheres satellite free.

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