Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.27(Wed.)13:15-14:00 A



Wet Grinding and Dispersion Technology for Production of Nano-applications

The choice of the right machine or process technology for optimized production regarding the energy efficiency as well as production capacity depends on the general application.
The main applications of the Omega® -technology are desagglomeration, desaggregation and delamination of primary particles from agglomerates of solid particles, defibrillation of natural fibers, disbundling of Carbon Nanotubes as well as emulsification and cell disruption.
For desagglomeration, desaggregation as well as real comminution tasks down to Nanometer size range most times wet grinding processes in agitator bead mills are used.
The contribution discusses the working principles, shows and compares results of different technologies and gives an idea how to analyze the initial product as well as the grinding task to find the most effective process technology.

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