Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)13:50-13:57 B



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Magnetic field assisted micro contact printing:
a new concept for nanopatterning

Innopsys is a french SME dealing with instrumentation for biomedical applications. Innopsys is one of the worldwide leader for fluorescence scanner. Based on strategy leading by innovation, it develop and commercialize a new technology and innovative product InnoStamp40. InnoStamp40 permits nanopatterning of different entities (i.e nanoparticles, carbon, biomolecules, surface chemistry, ...) on a large range of material and on planar and non-planar substrate. Innopsys commercialize the fully automated mcirocontacting system InnoStamp40 but also offer the protocol optimization service based on customer project. Finally, it can also propose a NANO-BIO platform based on two proprietary products : InnoStamp40 and the fluorescence scanner.

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