Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)13:36-13:43 B



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Dispersing & Analyzing - Processing of CNT/Epoxy Composite with
EXAKT Three Roll Mill

Electronical controlled Three Roll Mills (TRM) are established already in the application to disperse sub micron and nano particles, e.g. CNT/Epoxy composites. Only this technology achieves a controlled,homogeneous and narrow particle size distribution.Controlled energy input and shear rates (due to precise roller gap settings)are the reason for this. EXAKT TRM accurately measure forces in the roller gap (line pressure) and therefor gives the possibility to analyze the homogeneity and quality of the dispersion. The presentation will explain the approach to control and optimize the dispersion process at the example of CNT/Epoxy composites based on graphical data analysis.

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