Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)14:39-14:46 B



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Carbon Nanohorns (CNH) - Overview & Update on Application Developments

CNH (carbon nanohorns) are a new type of pure, single-walled nanocarbons free of catalysts, with a high specific surface.
CNH have many potential application fields and are currently being tested. There are many potential application areas. So far, R&D has been started in the following fields: tribology; melioration of plastics, metals, resins and ceramics; sinters; radiation adsorption; hybrid systems and electrical applications.
The most advanced research area is melioration of thermoplastics. It can be demonstrated that CNH-fillers significantly improve the properties of thermoplastics they are added to.
In Japan, our partner NTB is already commercializing the C3-Audio booster, a coating product with CNH for enhancing and repairing contacts between metallic surfaces.

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