Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)14:25-14:32 B



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The nextnano software for the simulation of semiconductor nanodevices

The quickly progressing technology of semiconductor quantum structures requires reliable predictive theoretical methods for systematically improving, designing and understanding the electronic and optical properties of such nanostructures. The nextnano software ( allows one to study the realistic electronic structure of arbitrarily shaped three-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures. The multi-band Schrödinger, Poisson and current equations are solved self-consistently. The software is not limited to certain types of devices and thus perfectly suited for both, currently existing devices and novel devices. Applications include quantum dots, nanowires, resonant tunneling diodes, quantum cascade lasers, HEMTs, MOSFETs, LEDs, solar cells, infrared detectors and biosensors.

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