Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.27(Wed.)12:20-13:05 A

Ryosuke Sakuma/Yuki Watanabe


Hamamatsu Photonics

Surprising evolution of manufacturing process by optical technology!
-Improve bonding/adhering strength using excimer lamp-
-Easy introduction of crosslinking/sterilization by low energy electron beam-

In this seminar, two different technologies "Excimer lamp" and "Low energy electron beam irradiation source" will be introduced.
Please check our technologies which can apply to many materials such as film, ink, glass, resin, metal, gum and etc.
Optical surface modification by Excimer lamp has more advantages such as clean and high accuracy modification than conventional methods.
Providing application examples, the benefits in manufacturing process with these advantages will be introduced.
Low energy electron beam(50 to 70kV) in the air efficiently modify the uppermost surface of target material such as a resin.
Moreover, its features of compact unit and requiring simple shielding allow to install in production line and eventually enable in-house electron beam processing.
The features and application for industry of low energy electron beam processing will be explained while focusing on its benefit in manufacturing process.

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