Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)10:30-11:15 B

Lin, I-Chiao

Director, Adv. Material Dept.


*en/jp interpreting

Recent Progress of Graphene and It's Applications in Taiwan

RiteDia Corp is a subsidiary of RITEK group, the world leader of manufacture DVD, OLED, touch panel and electrical conducting paste. RiteDia is an IP company with a portfolio of more than 100 international patents. Most are related to advanced materials, such as diamond tools, diamond like carbon applications and grapheme. RiteDia won the technology innovation award 2015 in Taiwan from 637 competitors.
The present invention discloses a multilayer Si/graphene composite anode structure prepared using Electron Beam Evaporation, in which the electrochemical properties of the silicon thin film are improved because of the advantageously high conductivity of graphene. Furthermore, both the thicknesses of the graphene thin film and of the silicon thin film are controlled at less than 50 nm to minimize the volumetric change of the anode material.

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