Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)12:10-12:25 B

Kazuo Muramatsu


Incubation Alliance

*en/jp interpreting

Self-standing synthesis graphene on the carbon fiber surface and it's applications

Graphene has unique characteristics chemically, biochemically and physically with thin and flat plane structure. To put the graphene into practical use taking these advantage of functions, it is required to maintain the self-standing structure while preventing aggregation due to Van der Waals force. We have developed the unique CVD process and materials to resolve these technical issues. In this synthesis process, yarn, woven cloth, non-woven cloth and any type of resin fiber are applicable, and graphene formed on the surface of these fibers has same kind of self-standing stable structure. The self-standing synthesis graphene on the carbon fiber cloth is directly used to the electrode for a field emission device , secondly batteries and fuel cells with unique performance.

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