Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)11:30-11:45 B

Julio Gomez


*en/jp interpreting

Preparation of graphene and its use in polymer composites

The graphene material market, bulk graphene, graphene nanoplatelets and graphene films, will grow to 350 € million in 2025. Their application in composites are the largest segment, followed by energy storage. We use 3 different methods for the production of bulk graphene or RGO: liquid exfoliation, reduction of graphene oxide and ultraexpansion were compared with other production methods in the market. These graphene materials with variation in lateral size, defects and defects concentration, thickness, etc, have been used to obtain the graphene-composites. The effect of the incorporation of graphene materials on the electrical, thermal conductivity and fire retardant properties of polymer based composites were presented. Related to electrical properties, some of the composites prepared show lower percolation threshold limits than the previously reported values, opening a new range of applications and markets.

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