Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.29(Fri.)14:10-14:55 A



Proposal for Beadmill fit for Nano-Dispersion and Introduction of Latest Examples
on Dispersion

Bead mill, which has been used for dispersing and grinding particles in many different industrial fields, has recently gathered attention as a means for producing nanometer particles due to the birth of micron-sized media less than 100 µm .The outcome produced by beadmill dispersion depends on the diameter of the media.It is generally known that the smaller the media, the finer the particles become.
However, to achieve more stable dispersion, it is necessary to optimize the factors concerning the milling process such as shape of beadmill and rotation of disks, concentration of the slurry.
This seminar will deal with the optimization of dispersion process for nanometer particles together with dispersion examples.

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