Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.29(Fri.)12:20-13:05 A

Yoshinori Hoshino

Senior Adviser

Kyowa Interface Science

Introduction of Versatile Peel Analyzer VPA serise that enables multi-angle test

Peel test instruments are generally used for evaluating adherence of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), adhesive agents, paints and inks. For the peel test, it is the necessary condition that at least one side of backing can be flexibly bent during measurement. In the field of PSA and adhesive agent, 180°and 90°peel test methods are major. We developed two the test method that are able to control the peeling angle with different from conventional test method.Our proposal, new peel test methods, is capable to predict the dependency of peel force on factors such as peel speed, peel angle, nature of the adhesive, mechanical properties and geometries of the backing and the substrate

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