Seeds & Needs Seminar 2016. Jan.28(Thu.)15:05-15:50 A

Masataka Mitsumoto

Leader, Nagase Application Workshop(NAW)


VOC in paint and thinner is decreased 50% by "CO2 hybrid coating system"

"CO2 hybrid coating system" can reduce approx 50% VOC with only replacing thinner to liquified CO2.
Previlously, resin precipitation was a significant issue in this coating system. We improved compatibility between liquified CO2 and paints by adding a volatile compatibilizer. We acheived alternative formulation system which has same surface condition as existing paint system.
This system is available in all solvent paint, even high-solid paint. In best case, we could achieve thinner free coating system.
It should be noted an industrial liquified CO2 is a reused material from chemical plants, an environemtal friendly material.

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