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Special Feature: Nano Insight Japan

[Mitsubishi Corporation]
Durobeads ™ : Granulated Carbon Nanotube with a High Level of Safety the technology to reduce inhalation risk and make CNT easier to handle.

Carbon nanotube (CNT) is often called a “dream material,” but its industrialization has not proceeded as anticipated, mainly due to the public uncertainties over its inhalation safety, and difficulties when handling its bulky powder.

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Booth Number:6V-01

[Shin-Etsu Chemical]
Silicone Solutions for New Materials, the Application of New Functions, and Developing New Products

Silicones, which consist of a backbone chain of a combination of silicon (Si) and oxygen (O), are highly functional materials possessing both inorganic and organic characteristics.

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Booth Number:5E-03

[GSI Creos]
Cup Stacked Carbon Nanotubes and Applications in Products Unique shape and characteristics create plentiful applications in technology and new product lines

GSI Creos are developing manufacturing and processing technology for “cup stacked carbon nanotubes” – which have a unique shape and characteristics – and cooperating with a number of user companies to develop products in which they are applied.

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Booth Number:4B-22

New Developments in Inkjet Technology and New Optics and Laser Products for Industry

Office-oriented printing and document scanning equipment is the foundation of Ricoh’s business. The company exhibited at nano tech for the first time last year, showing their new technologies in the fields of healthcare, green tech, and nanofabrication, and was awarded the coveted nano tech Grand Award despite it being their first time at the exhibition.

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Booth Number:4J-15

RF Thermal Plasma Systems and Cutting-edge Nanomaterials Expectations for spheroid metal powders, nanopowders, and boron nitride nanotubes created through plasma systems

Tekna began in 1990 in Quebec, Canada, has expanded its business operations worldwide and become a world leading solution provider of advanced functional powder materials. Tekna’s more than 20 years of RF plasma technology R&D and process know-how contributed considerably to the development of the synthetic research of cutting-edge materials using thermal plasma of 10,000 K or higher.


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Booth Number:6B-08

[ZEON / Zeon Nano Technology]
Exhibiting Factory Mass-produced Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes and Products that Employ Them Get to grips with SWCNT application solutions in one stop at this booth

Zeon Corp. and Zeon Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. will exhibit their “ZEONANO™ SG101” SWCNTs (mass-produced at a plant anticipated to speed up developments in the application of SWCNTs) and products employing them.

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Booth Number:4F-09

New Materials Causing a Stir: Antifreeze Proteins (AFPs) Developments anticipated for applications in the fields of foodstuffs, medicine, manufacturing, and more

Nichirei Corporation, a leading company in the frozen foods and refrigerated logistics sectors, will exhibit their antifreeze protein (AFP) materials in the course of their first ever participation as exhibitors at nano tech 2017, the international nanotechnology exhibition and conference. AFPs are proteins possessing the following kinds of unique functions:

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Booth Number:5E-17


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