[Mitsubishi Corporation]
Durobeads ™ : Granulated Carbon Nanotube with a High Level of Safety the technology to reduce inhalation risk and make CNT easier to handle.

Carbon nanotube (CNT) is often called a “dream material,” but its industrialization has not proceeded as anticipated, mainly due to the public uncertainties over its inhalation safety, and difficulties when handling its bulky powder. Mitsubishi Corporation succeeded to solve these issues by utilizing patented Durobeads TM technology which transforms CNT powder into firm granules with around 2mm in diameter. At nano tech 2017, the company will exhibit the Durobeads TM technology they have developed, the sample of Durobeads TM, and products employing them. Mitsubishi expects attendees with an interest in CNT and their applications to visit their booth, creating opportunities for new technological developments and discussions – including technological licensing.

Booth number: 4G-25 

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