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Biomimetics Network Japan

Jan. 29 (Fri.) 11:30-13:45
Venue : Main theater in the exhibition / Fee : Free

Current status and new movement in industrial arena. 11:30-11:55
山崎 知巳 氏

Akihiro Miyauchi
Chief Researcher, Research & Development Group, Hitachi

[ Abstract ]

The materials biomimetics is making a big treand with nanotechnology, advanced measurement and computer science. The materials biomimetics is expected as sustaninable technology in the industries. NBCI set up the biomimetics subcommittee in April, 2015 and started activity for the industrial applications of the biomimetics under 16 companies. In this lecture, activities of the biomimetics subcommittee are introduced.

[ Profile ]

1986 Master of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1986 Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.
1995 Doctor of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1995-1996 Visiting Scientist, MIT, U.S.A
2005-2007 NEDO Nanotech-challenge Project Leader
2015 NEDO N-STEPProject Leader

Biomimetics to bring innovation to construction materials
Beautiful and high quality concrete by using "Art katawaku"
辻埜 真人 氏

Masato Tsujino
Co-research fellow, Institute of Technology Center for Construction Engineering, Shimizu Corporation

[ Abstract ]

In the civil engineering and building fields, concern about the appearance of unfinished concrete has been rising. Our company has been researching a super-water-repellent technology originating from a completely different field based on biomimetics, and has examined its application to concrete formwork. It was demonstrated that applying this super-water-repellent technology results in better control of concrete air surface voids and color irregularities after formwork removal, therefore contributing to improved concrete appearance.

[ Profile ]

1979 Born
2008 The University of Tokyo Graduate School, School of Engineering, PhD in Engineering
2008- Shimizu Corporation
Registered architect and Professional Engineer (Civil Engineering : Materials & Structures)

Three-dimensional imaging of biological microstructures by
X-ray CT system 12:15-12:40

Masami Edahiro
Assistant Manager, Global Application Development Center, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division,
Shimadzu Corporation

[ Abstract ]

X-ray CT is a system which can be observed an internal three-dimensional structure of a sample in a short time. Because a sample is not destroyed, it is possible to scan a fragile or soft sample. We will introduce the technique to observe an internal three-dimensional structure of biological sample as sponges.

[ Profile ]

2008- Engaged in application development of X-ray inspection system
1999-2007 Engaged in product development of X-ray inspection system
1999 Joined Shimadzu Corporation

Three-dimensional imaging of biological microstructures by
X-ray CT system 12:15-12:40

Remi Tsubaki
Postdotral Researcher, Research and Development Center for Marine Biosciences
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

[ Abstract ]

As an application example of micro X-ray CT, we will introduce our study on sponge canal systems. Sponges have vast canal system inside their body which is too complicated to analyse three-dimentional structure. By using micro X-ray CT, however, we became able to obtain 3D data on sponge canal system. We are now investigating the function of sponges canal system by analysing the 3D data obtained by micro X-ray CT.

[ Profile ]

2014- Postdoc in JAMSTEC
2013 PostDoc in Forestry and Forest Procuct Research Institute
2013 Ph.D degree at Graduate School of Human and Environmental Science, Kyoto Univeristy

Live imaging in an electron microscope using the "NanoSuit® method"
針山 孝彦 氏


Professor / Director of University Library / Vice-President,
Hamamatsu University School of Medicine

[ Abstract ]

Electron microscopies are essential tools for life-sciences. They require complete dryness, for the specimen chamber should be kept at high vacuum when we observe them with high resolution. To preserve and stabilize their structure, the organisms are required chemical fixations and following various complex procedures. Because of those procedures, the dead biological samples are seen in good quality, but no one knows the real living structures. We found a new method, and are able to observe the living/wet samples in high vacuo by protecting them with a coating of “biomimetic thin membrane”, the NanoSuit®.It acts as a flexible barrier to the passage of gases and liquids and thus protects the organism. This method will be useful for research in the biomimetics and life sciences.

[ Profile ]

The research associate in Tohoku univ. The associate and the full professor of Hamamatsu univ. school of medicine. Since 2014, the Full Professor, Director of University Library, Vice-President of the same university.

Biomimetics Image Retrieval:
Supporting Creation of New Value fromBiology Big Data 13:00-13:20
長谷山 美紀 氏

Miki Haseyama

Professor / Adviser to the President, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Hokkaido University

[ Abstract ]

Biomimetics is a new research area that creates innovation through the collaboration with researchers in Biology and Engineering fields. There is a need to facilitate the mutual exchange of their deep knowledge to create new research areas, and this exchange is difficult.In order to overcome this problem, we began the development of a new image retrieval platform, which is called Biomimetics Image Retrieval Platform.This platform enables retrieval without relying on any keywords, and researchers can retrieve novel information from biological image databases by using their own image data. In the presentation, the latest version of the Biomimetics image retrieval platform is introduced, and the actual retrieval results are shown.

[ Profile ]

1989 - 1993 Assistant Professor, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University
1994 - 2006 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University
1995 - 1996 Visiting Associate Professor, Washington University, U.S.A
2006 - Present Professor,Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University

Biomimetics Network Japan 13:20-13:45
Masatsugu Shimomura

Masatsugu Shimomura

Professor / Chitose Institute of Science and Technology

[ Abstract ]

Biomimetics is the innovative paradigm shift based on biodiversity for sustainability. Biomimetics is an emergent interdisciplinary field of natural history, nanotechnology, and social science. The comprehensive “translational research” combining various fields of science and technology is indispensable to open the new paradigm based on ”biological diversity” and “human wisdom”. Information technology can transform the knowledge of natural history into the information of engineering. From an environmental viewpoint of societal implication, multidisciplinary networking of community, industry, academia, and governmental organization is urgently required. Science and natural history museums are other “responsible human devices” not only for describing biodiversity but also for educating young generation with expertise in biology and engineering.

[ Profile ]

Dr.Eng. of Kyushu University, Assistant Professor of Kyushu University, Associate Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Professor of Hokkaido University, Professor of Tohoku University, Professor of Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, professor emeritus of Hokkaido University and Tohoku University.


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