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Award winners are companies, associations, research institutes and universities, which highly contribute to the industry development. The aim of the awards is to encourage the advancement of nanotechnologies.
Board of review: nano tech executive committee

■Grand Award

ZEON / Zeon Nano Technology(booth No.:4F-09) 

Zeon Corporation launched a full-scale business of single-wall carbon nanotube (CNT) composite material, which was developed at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology jointly with Sunaffow Limited, an electronic component manufacturer. Application of CNT, one of the prominent Nano-Tech materials, to a wide diversity of industries is expected.

■Life Nanotechnology Award

NICHIREI(booth No.:5E-17)

Nichirei Corporation has made strenuous commitment to the research for making use of antifreeze proteins discovered in fish living in cold climate for producing frozen food. This research may contribute to using antifreeze proteins not only in food industry but also in medical products, cosmetics, civil engineering and others.

■Green Nanotechnology Award

ASAHI KASEI(booth No.:5E-05)

Asahi Kasei Corporation developed the roll-to-roll technology for transferring wiring of 100 nanometer wide continuously on the circuit board. This technology is useful in manufacturing flexible devices efficiently and expected to be applicable to a wide range of industries including energy and health care.

■Initiative Award

Kyoto Municipal Institute of Industrial Technology and Culture(booth No.:6V-10)

Kyoto Municipal Institute of Industrial Technology and Culture studies technology involved in the traditional craftsmanship technology in Kyoto for making use of the nano-technology in the craftsmanship.

■New Exhibitor Award

Tsukumo Engineering(booth No.:5F-24)

In collaboration with Miyako Roller Industrial Company, Ltd. and Fuji Opto Tech, Tsukumo Engineering.inc developed an instrument that can optically measure geometries such as roughness, unevenness, level differences, angles and others to within 0.1 nanometer. This instrument has a broad range of applications to research, industries and many others.

■Continuous Achievement Award

FANUC(booth No.:4J-27)

Fanuc Ltd. developed a processing equipment with programming resolution of 0.1nm that can be used in producing molds for head up display lenses, demand for which is increasingly high in the future self-driving cars. This is the world-leading advanced technology.

■Academic-industrial Alliance Award

S. Ohkoshi Laboratory, The University of Tokyo / Dowa Electronics Metals / Iwatani(booth No.:4G-24)

Okoshi Laboratory of the University of Tokyo, DOWA Electronics Materials Co., Ltd. and Iwatani Corporation jointly established the basic research to the marketing of high-performance hard ferrite magnet, "ε nano iron oxide". This is expected as a full-fledged business-academia cooperation that may contribute to the realization of IOT society.

■Business Matching Award

Taiwan Pavilion OME Technology(booth No.:5R-20)

OME Technology obtained a largest number of business meeting appointments with various exhibitors and visitors by using a business matching system, and strenuously committed to the open innovation.

■Research Project Award (Life Nanotechnology Award)

Odor removal system for livestock(booth No.:5V-03)

AIST develop adsorption agent that can remove ammonia odor efficiently by improving porous coordination polymer applying unique technology, and may greatly contribute to the improvement of the environment in livestock farm.

■Research Project Award (Green Nanotechnology Award)

NEDO (The Nagoya University National Composites Center(NCC))
Challenge to weight reduction of automotives by thermoplastic CFRP(booth No.:4B-01)

NEDO developed inflammable carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRP) that can replace the martials currently used in vehicle structural materials such as high‐tensile steel plate and aluminum, and contribute to the dramatic reduction of weight of cars.

■Special Award

Holland High Tech Pavilion(booth No.:6V-01)

14 leading nano-tech companies in the Netherlands exhibited their products, proving the high level of their technology and positive exchange of information with foreign businesses.


STRAWB(booth No.:6D-07)

Strawb Inc. developed low-cost technology for detecting a trace amount of substance by using the surface enhanced raman scattering technology. It is expected to be applied to anti-terrorism measures and the medical field.


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