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Award winners are companies, associations, research institutes and universities, which highly contribute to the industry development.
The aim of the awards is to encourage the advancement of nanotechnologies.
Board of review: nano tech executive committee

■Grand Award

Ricoh Co., Ltd(booth No.:4J-21) 

RICOH Corp. exhibited the applications of nano technology in a broad range fields, including nervous activity testing devices using biomagnetic measuring technology, 3D printers for producing cells and new type secondary batteries capable of quick charging and discharging.

■Life Nanotechnology Award

TEIJIN LIMITED(booth No.:4E-09)

Teijin Limited used carbon nanotubes as a long fibers and applied nanofibers to various healthcare products including face masks and skin sheets.

■Green Nanotechnology Award


Meijo Nano Carbon Co.,Ltd pursued research for realizing sustainable society with the successful production of inexpensive and high-quality carbon nanotubes and the development of capacitors using these nanotubes.

■Initiative Award

YAMAHA MOTOR Co.,Ltd.(booth No.:4F-22)

Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd. developed unique surface treatment technology for improving corrosion resistance and heat-resistance of motorcycles and endeavored to diffuse the broad use of the technology suited to their own products.

■New Exhibitor Award

Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute(booth No.:6Y-12)

Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute developed the technology for producing cellulose nanofiber, next generation material, and contributed to the effective use of timbers abundantly available in Japan.

■Continuous Achievement Award

Taiwan Pavilion(booth No.:5R-14)

Taiwan Pavilion contributed to the nanotechnology around the world by introducing Taiwan’s wide range of high-quality nanotechnology.

■Academic-industrial Alliance Award

Organization for Promotion Academic City by Kyushu University(booth No.:6N-11)

OPACK made strenuous commitments to promoting the collaborative relationship among industry, government and revitalizing local economy by linking the use of intellectual resources, research product of Kyushu University and the demand for commercialization by industries.

■Business Matching Award

INNOPSYS(booth No.:6T-11)

INNOPSYS obtained a largest number of business meeting appointments with various exhibitors and visitors by using a business matching system, and strenuously committed to the open innovation.

■Research Project Award (Life Nanotechnology Award)

AIST Project:
Light weight shoes using cellulose nanofiber-reinforced rubber(booth No.:5R-24)

AIST (Project) reduced the weight of shoes dramatically by applying new nano tech material, cellulose nano fiber to actual products, Asics-made sneakers.

■Research Project Award (Green Nanotechnology Award)

NIMS Project:
Rare-earth free high efficiency thermoelectric material(booth No.:5R-12)

NIMS (Project) contributed to the broad use of thermoelectric material by developing high-performance thermoelectric material in which expensive rare earth was replaced with inexpensive material.

■Special Award

JEOL Ltd.(booth No.:4L-04)

JEOL Ltd. developed transmission-type electron microscopes with the world’s highest level of resolutions using its proprietary technology, and contributed to accelerating research on nanotechnology.


TDC CORPORATION(booth No.:5E-02)

TDC Corporation contributed to the improved performance of Smartphone and automobiles by developing ultra precision nano-meter level mirror-like finishing technology


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