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Jan. 29 (Fri.) 10:30-11:15
Venue : Main theater in the exhibition / Fee : Free

Molecular Robotics: Development of Molecular Artifacts with
Sensors and Intelligence
小長谷 明彦 氏

Akihiko Konagaya
Professor, Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

[ Abstract ]

The amoeba-type molecular robotics project aims to develop a proof-of-concept of self-propelled robots with molecular sensors, molecular control logic and molecular actuators. The molecular robot consists of a giant liposome to distinguish the inside and outside. It receives outside signals through the molecular sensors, processes the signals with the molecular control logic, and moves itself with the molecular actuators. In order to develop the molecular sensors and control logic, we adopt DNA nanotechnology including DNA origami and DNA logic gates. These DNA nano-technologies are still in their infancy; however, we strongly believe that they will play a crucially important role in controlling the intelligent behavior of molecular robots in the near future.

[ Profile ]

Prof. Konagaya graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1980, then joined to NEC Corporation. In 1997 and 2003, he worked for JAIST and RIKEN GSC, respectively. He has been a professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology since 2009.


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