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1st Japan-China-Korea Trilateral Nanotechnology Joint Forum


January 27 (Wed.) 9:30-17:30 (Registration opens at 8:30)
Venue: Room 609, 6F, Conference Tower


Opening Ceremony
Welcome Remark

- Prof. Tomoji Kawai, Osaka University

Congratulatory Remark

- Prof. Minghua Liu, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China
  (Next hosting country in 2017 ChinaNano 2017)

Congratulatory Remark

- Director Kyunghee Song, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning


Overview of Trilateral Nanotechnology Cooperation

- Prof. Haiwon Lee, Hanyang University


Overview of Nanotechnology R&D Status and National Policy

- “Overview of Science and Technology Policy of Japan
  - Highlights on Nanotechnology and Materials -“

Mr. Naofumi Moriya, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

- “Overview of Nanotechnology R&D Status and National Policy”

Prof. Minghua Liu, Director, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China(NCNST)

- “Overview of Korea Nanotechnology Program for Industrialization”

Prof. Ki-Bum Kim, Seoul National University

11:15Group Photo
11:30Lunch Break & Visiting to the Exhibition

Introduction of the Activity of Core R&D Project

- “Nanotechnology for Medical Innovation”

Prof. Yoshinobu Baba, Nagoya University

- “Bionanotechnology for precision medicine and the A3 program”

Dr. Xingyu Jiang, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China (NCNST)

- “Recent progresses in Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics (CINAP)”

Prof. YoungHee Lee, Sungkyunkwan University

6 Young Researcher’s Presentation

- "Nanomechanical Sensors (MSS) towards Mobile Olfaction"

Dr. Genki Yoshikawa, MANA Independent Scientist

- “Microfluidics for Nanomedicine Discovery”

Dr. Jiangshu Sun, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China (NCNST)

- "Electrochemical assay for rapid and universal detection of
  influenza using virus-responsive lipid nanovesicles”

Dr. Yoon-Aa Choi, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology

- “Engineering biointerface with controlled cell adhesion towards cancer diagnostics”

Dr. Shutao Wang, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, China

- “Development of advanced scanning transmission electron microscopy for material science research“

Associate Prof. Naoya Shibata, The University of Tokyo

- “Transfer of CVD-Grown Graphene for Organic Electronic Devices”

Associate Professor Wi Hyoung Lee, Konkuk University

16:00Coffee Break

Panel Discussion:

“The Latest on the Commercialization Based on Nano Technology among Japan-China-Korea”

- Moderator: Dr. Shinichi Kamei, General Manager, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

- Dr. Kazuhiro Murata, SIJTechnology, Inc.

- Dr. Noboru Fukushima, Toshiba Corporation

- Dr. Zhong Zhang, Deputy Director of Application of Nanotechnology

- Dr. Xingyu Jiang, Deputy Director of Nano Biomedicine, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology,
  China (NCNST))

- Dr. Kyunh-Ho Shin, Korea Institute of Science and Technology

- Dr. Yong-Sul Song, Amogreentech Co., Ltd.


Closing Remarks by Prof. Masahiko Hara, Tokyo Institute of Technology

*Program is subject to change


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